Does God Exist?

So my wife is going through some of my books and dressing them up with paper on the bindings to use as decoration, and she comes across Hans Kung’s classic apologetic, Does God Exist? 

I recognize from the the non-chalant way she is putting decorative paper on the binding and handling the book she does not recognize what she has in her hands.

So, I say, “You do know that’s Hans Kung’s book, Does God Exist? It’s 800 pages, small print mind you, of an argument for God’s existence.”

She says, “You don’t need 800 pages to prove the existence of God. I could do it in a pamphlet.”

If you know my wife, you can hear her saying this. She is a matter-of-fact, bottom-line kind of person. And on this one she is right.

Can you imagine if it was necessary to have someone read an 800 page book to convince them of the existence of God?

Fortunately proof of the existence of God does not rest on philosophical argument. God has made it much simpler. He has “furnished proof to all men” by raising Jesus from the dead. (Acts 17:31). God has proven His existence through a historical verifiable event, witnessed by more than 500 people. (I Cor. 15:6). That is why the resurrection is the lynchpin of Christianity.

And let’s face it, understanding that is easier than digesting an 800 page book. GS

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