Seine River Cruise Travel Journal—Day 1

2015-07-09 17.53.00
My view on the plane

Day 1 of a travel journal blog is always a travel day. Today was no different.

There was a little excitement though. My  83 year-old mother-in-law crashed the security gate at the airport in Houston.

By crashed I mean she walked through the scanner and through the plastic gate the TSA agent had placed there to keep people back.

She said it was an accident, but I think she had secretly read the GSB blog about America’s security measures in response to terrorism and was engaging in a act of civil disobedience.

By the soveriengty and favor of God The Wife and I were “randomly” selected for pre-clearance and did not have to go through the porno-screener or strip before government representatives to prove we didn’t intend to blow-up the plane. Of course they could have just asked us if we loved Jesus and avoided the whole charade.

There were only two surprises on our flights today. The Wife travels with a small rubber squeeze bottle full of olive juice to ensure she can enjoy her dirty martinis on board the plane. She ordered her glass of vodka, held the bottle of juice over the glass and promptly sprayed me with the olive juice. She said it was an accident.

The second surprise was learning that on the 777 a few of the seats are turned backwards. I question the competence of the engineer who designed this. I don’t see how it saved any space, but by chance we ended up in the seats. Flying backwards at 600 mph is interesting but it made The Wife sick to her stomach. I felt intuitively that one should not travel backwards at 600 mph, but then again I don’t travel well.

We arrived at Charles De Gaul airport in Paris at approximately 8:00 a.m. gathered our baggage and arrived at our ship at 10:30 a.m., all tired from a night of fitful airline sleep but glad to have finally arrived.

Whether an ocean or river cruise, every cruise begins with a safety drill and includes a warning to watch out for pick-pockets on the excursions into town. This one was no different. We were told our safety and security was most important. This is has been two main concerns of people throughout history.

2015-07-10 17.54.21
Safety drill on our ship

Safety problems are usually the result of negligence. Security problems are almost always the result of sin. I think it reasonable then to assume then that as the kingdom of God progresses on the earth, security issues will decrease. Theft will become rare. Perhaps keys will become obsolete.

Negligence however, which is not always a result of sin, will probably decline but there will still be car accidents and other safety mishaps. But because people will be more selfless they will be more careful and therefore others less likely the victims of their negligence.

Though warned about the pickpockets, The Wife and I have decided to take our chances and venture into Paris tomorrow for a walking tour. GS


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