Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 8

In a fallen world, things do not always go as planned. Such is the case of the Viking cruise ship, Buri. We were supposed to sail last night north toward our final destination of Chalon-sur-Saone. However, because of the amount of rain and the rise of the river, we were not going to fit under an … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 8”

Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 7

I grow tired of  being herded like cattle on and off of tour buses and told I have 15 minutes of “free time” before I have to return to the bus. And, I can only listen to so much about seventeenth century French architecture when I’m only a few blocks from the place where second century … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 7”

Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 6

  Vienne, France has a rich Christian history. Legend has it that Crescens, a disciple of the Apostle Paul (2 Tim. 4:10) settled here in Vienne and was the first leader of the church here (although it’s possible he instead settled in Galatia). Josephus states (and Eusebius repeats) that “Herod lost his kingdom on account of … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 6”

Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 5

Today was a slower day, a cruise day. We spent the first half of the day cruising up the Rhone. Mid-day we arrived in Tournon, a small quiet town, inconspicuous except for the tenth-century fortress and church that stand prominently on the banks of the Rhone. The church was renamed, “The Temple of the Supreme … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 5”

Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 4

This morning we went directly into the walled city of old Avignon to the church of Saint Agricol (the patron saint of storks, for the unspiritual and non-orinthologoists). Our tour guide explained that the statue above the door was of Mary reading a book. I mentioned to Ann that books did not even exist at the … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 4”