Israel Tour Journal: Epilogue

We are back home. The trip home was considerably longer, nearly 18 hours of flying. To pass the time, I watched four movies. One about a dysfunctional man who became very powerful (J. Edgar), another a comedy about revenge for a broken promise (Oceans 13), a third about a man trying to find contentment within … Continue reading “Israel Tour Journal: Epilogue”

Israel Tour Journal: Day 9

Today was our last day touring. At the Road to Emmaus we learned how the travelers on the road with Jesus finally recognized Him. At Zorah, west of Jerusalem, where Sampson lived and fought with the Philistines, we learned what parenting mistakes bred rebellion in Sampson and why he is not a Biblical character we … Continue reading “Israel Tour Journal: Day 9”

Israel Tour Journal: Day 8

Today was the Sabbath, celebrated here by Jews and many Christians on Saturday. It was our most relaxing day thus far. After breakfast, we watched a movie on Herod the Great. We then attended the worship service here at the Yad Hashemona. We worshipped with Jewish believers and the Christians from all over the world … Continue reading “Israel Tour Journal: Day 8”

Israel Tour Journal: Day 7

Jesus has been teaching 5,000 people all day. When they get hungry He multiplies five loaves and two fish into an all-you-can eat buffet, and all eat until they are full. Jesus then commands His disciples to go ahead to the other side of the Sea of Galilee to Bethsaida, while He heads up the … Continue reading “Israel Tour Journal: Day 7”

Israel Tour Journal: Day 6

If you followed on Twitter today you know our first stop was the beach on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus appeared to the disciples after His resurrection. (John 21). From there we headed north for the Golan Heights, near Israel’s border with Syria, but we were turned back by police because the road was … Continue reading “Israel Tour Journal: Day 6”