About Me

Here I am in a casual pose. Hey, it takes guts to wear yellow slacks

Gregory Scott is a pseudonym I’m using on this blog.

I may explain in a future post why I’ve chosen to use a pseudonym and not post pictures of myself on this blog. It’s not because I’m running from the law. I actually make my living from the law.

Here’s what I can tell you about myself.  I’m a trial lawyer living in a major U.S. city. I’ve been a Christian for forty-three years and attend a non-denominational church committed to reaching college students with the gospel with the intent of training up leaders who will change the world.

I seriously considered the ministry after finishing law school but came to my senses, ultimately realizing I could be more effective for the kingdom of God as a lawyer than a minister. I enjoy reading, writing and traveling.

The Wife & The Fam

I’ve been married to the same beautiful woman for nearly thirty years. She was in the ministry for fifteen years, helping plant churches and conduct Bible studies for women on college campuses in the United States and at Oxford, England. I’m also the proud parent (not biological) of a very proud but needy Persian cat, aptly named Cyrus the Great, although we just call him “Cy.”

This Blog

My vision is to see a substantial expansion of the kingdom of God on the earth in my lifetime. This blog is intended to contribute to the discussion of the kingdom of God by sharing what I’ve learned in reading, praying and thinking about the kingdom over the last thirty-five years. I will write with the intention of bringing clarity to the concept of the kingdom of God, its purpose and design, and how it progresses. I will also act as a critic here from time to time, reviewing movies and books (my wife says I’m very critical).

You may wonder what right a non-seminary trained trial lawyer could have to write anything about the kingdom of God. My belief is Jesus would not have spent so much time teaching common people about the kingdom of God unless it was possible for common people, even a simple trial lawyer, to understand it.

I hope you will find what I post here helpful to a clearer understanding of the kingdom of God, and if you think I’ve strayed from sound theology on any point I do hope you will post a comment so I can have the opportunity to correct any error.  I’m interested in the public discussion. You won’t hurt my feelings if you disagree with what I’ve written. I’m used to it; I get it every day in the courtroom from judges and other attorneys.

The Disclaimer

Nothing on this blog is intended to create a lawyer-client relationship. Nor should you consider anything I write on this blog to be legal advice. If you need legal advice see a lawyer, a different lawyer, not me, not here. Thanks.  GS