Rhone River Travel Journal—Epilogue

After a challenging travel marathon of nearly 20 hours, including mechanical problems with planes and weather delays, we have returned home from our Rhone River excursion. There was much we saw on the trip and the challenge was, as always, determining what to mention in the blog posts. One thing I didn’t mention was that Geneva … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Epilogue”

Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 12

We journeyed from Geneva out to Lausanne and Montreaux today. In Lausanne we toured Lausanne Cathedral, a twelth century cathedral located at the highest point in city, like the churches in Geneva and Montreaux. Their location in places visible to anyone in the city and set above the other buildings reminded people God is sovereign over creation … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 12”

Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 11

We designated today as the museum and shopping day. Little did we know it would be a day filled with ignorant archaelogists and chocolate Nazis. The area around Saint Pierre Cathedral is fantastic if you love history. There is an archaeological museum under the cathedral that has the remains (walls, columns and rooms largely intact) of … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 11”

Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 10

Our driver picked us up today at our hotel in Beaune, France at 9:00 a.m., and we began our two-hour drive across the border into Switzerland. The last 30 minutes of the drive was stunning. We entered a long tunnel cut through a mountain, exiting on the other side on a highway suspended high above a … Continue reading “Rhone River Travel Journal—Day 10”