Seinfeld and Secular Hypocrisy

Seinfeld, they say, is life.

The other day I was thinking about that episode where George Costanza,while working late one night, has sex in his office with the cleaning lady. I know, I know, this is not the stuff of Sunday School lessons, but I’m assuming my audience is mature, and I am headed somewhere with this.

So George’s boss finds out, and George has to come up with a strategy to avoid the inevitable end game of all of George’s employment.

What he comes up with is, in a twisted way, brilliant. It’s consistent with the prevailing worldview, and, he thinks, will shield him from judgment. What he does is feign moral ignorance.

When questioned by his boss about his conduct, George obsequiously replies, “Should I not have done that? Was that wrong?” George’s boss retorts, “You’re fired.”

What struck me about this is that while the world embraces and preaches moral relativism, they are not so faithful to their belief as to attempt to run their businesses based on it. They want employees who follow rules, show up on time and don’t have sex with the cleaning lady. They want absolutes, not relativism.

Like I said, Seinfeld is life. GS

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