3 Questions For Every Christian

number-3Every Christian has been commissioned to go and make disciples. (Matt. 28:19).

But even the most disciplined Christians can find it difficult stay on mission when it comes to evangelism.

One of the purposes of a church is to provide Christians a community in which they can be accountable for making disciples.

If Christians are going to be held accountable, local churches must develop a culture of evangelism.

One way to do that is to constantly be asking one another the following three questions:

1.  Who are you building a relationship with? Most conversions start with a relationship. If you aren’t making friends you will not be making disciples.

2.  Who are you inviting to church? Statistics show that today people are converted to a community before they are converted to Christ. That means if you aren’t inviting people to church you are probably not leading anyone to the Lord.

3.  Who are you sharing the Gospel with? If you are building relationships and inviting non-Christians to church you will have the opportunity share the Gospel with them. Your non-Christians friends probably wouldn’t be coming to church with you unless they were open to the Gospel. That should significantly reduce your fear of rejection when the time is right to share the Gospel with them.

If you can consistently answer these three questions with affirmative examples, you are probably making disciples. If your church is consistently asking these questions of its members, it is probably creating a culture of evangelism. GS

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