Book Review: Get Low

get low 2I first met Jack Wisdom when we were both a just a few years out of law school.

The first thing that impressed me about Jack was his humility.

That was twenty years ago, and I can tell you my first impression of Jack was correct.

When I first met Jack he was working at a prestigious law firm. He now has is own growing law firm, has been voted one of the best lawyers in Texas and in America, and is highly respected by his peers, but his most conspicuous characteristic is his humility.

So, when Jack asked me to read one of the last drafts of his book, Get Low, before it was published, I was eager and curious. I was not disappointed.

This book is much-needed and is a must read. C.S. Lewis noted that “. . .the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride.” I suppose those who do not proclaim to be religious find that an odd statement, particularly when our American culture venerates pride as a virtue. That irony alone would make pride and humility an interesting study, but Jack Wisdom’s book is beyond interesting. It is insightful, candid and convicting, and if that weren’t enough, it is flavored with just enough humor to balance the weight of conviction it brings.

The book is divided into 24 chapters that examine pride and humility from such diverse perspectives as history, integrity, ideology, celebrity, authority, anxiety and adversity. As a result, the book can be read straight through or the chapters can be read in any order. The book also makes for a great devotional: the chapters are short, topical and each ends with a prayer that brings the message of each chapter to point where readers can begin prayerfully considering its application in their lives.

Another reason I highly recommend this book is that it is written by a layman and not a pastor. Jack Wisdom is a lawyer, who used to be in the ministry (and has an advanced degree in theology) and before that was a police officer. He draws on all those experiences with stories from his past to illustrate the points he makes.

This all makes for an enjoyable, relevant read. I highly recommend Get Low. GS

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