Is Retirement The Reward?


I sometimes read Le Monde, the French equivalent of The New York Times.

A couple years ago I read an article in Le Monde, which discussed the defiance of the French in the face of coming austerity measures of then French president Nicholas Sarkozy.

I watched France with some interest during Sarkozy’s presidency because I happened to be in Paris during Sarkozy’s inauguration and saw him drive by in his convertible Puegot on the Champs Elysees.

Apparently Sarkozy’s austerity measures included cuts to the French version of social security benefits.

The article quotes one Frenchie as saying, “First we have education. That is school. Then we have work. That’s the hardest bit. And after that we retire. That’s the reward. If they take away the reward, what are we left with?”

Although this quote comes from France, it sums up the mindset of most Americans and, sadly, most Christians, i.e. that work is just a means to an end. But is that true? Is retirement really the reward?

The Bible says, “There is nothing better for a man that to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good.” (Ecclesiastes 2:24). Jesus said, “My Father is work until now, and I myself am working.” (John 5:17). Proverbs says, “In all labor there is profit.” (Proverbs 14:23).

What if work is the reward? GS




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