Movie Review: Unstoppable

Unstoppable is a movie about how easily events in our lives can get out of control and send us on a seemingly inevitable, unstoppable path to destruction.

I say seemingly because this movie is redemptive, and its theme virtuous: If you act courageously and are willing to lay down your life, you might actually regain control of your life.

Denzel Washington plays Frank Barnes, a train engineer of 28 years who has learned just weeks before that he is being forced into early retirement.

Chris Pine, who plays train conductor Will Colson, has also seen his life recently spin out of control as a result of a misunderstanding and some bad decisions on his part, and he is now on the verge of losing his family.

When a train carrying hazardous materials gets loose on the tracks without a driver and is headed for disaster, Washington convinces Pine to throw in with him on a dangerous attempt to stop the train, and with that, these two men and their out-of-control lives head out after an out-of-control train.

Not wanting to spoil the movie for you, I’ll not say more on the plot except that it extols the virtues of courage, hope and self-sacrifice and was inspired by true events.

It helps that Denzel Washington is in the movie. He has long been my favorite actor. Earlier this year, the wife and I went to Israel where we met a couple in our travel group from California who live next door to Denzel Washington. I of course asked all the questions I could think of about Denzel. You know, “What’s he really like?”, “Is he a Christian?”, etc.  I now feel I know Denzel. I hope he feels the same about me.

Anyway, this movie is a must see for any citizen of the kingdom of God. This is your opportunity to support and promote positive movie themes in Hollywood and be uplifted and inspired in the process. GS

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