My Conversion

It all started about a year and a half ago, when I began to notice  some of the people I knew and really respected had iPhones. Their love of Apple irritated me a bit at first. They seemed almost arrogant, like they thought they were better than me; later I realized they didn’t think they were better than me because I had PCs, they just really loved Apple.  I also noticed they shared an affinity with other Apple-lovers that seemed based on a knowledge, like they all knew something PC people didn’t know that drew them together.

When it came time to buy a new phone, I debated between a Blackberry and an iPhone. The Blackberry seemed safe; the iPhone a risk. I wasn’t sure I was ready to depart from the security of being like most of my lawyer friends with their Blackberry’s and PCs. How could they all be wrong? Finally I decided, “What the heck?” I took the leap.

Almost immediately I knew I’d made the right decision. I never knew a simple piece of technology could meet so many different needs in my life, and I wondered how I could have been so stupid to wait this long to make this decision.  I also began noticing more Apple people. I wondered how I never noticed them before. I began to notice every iPhone, Macbook Pro and iMac, like they had suddenly appeared in people’s hands, laps and on their desks.

It wasn’t long before I began to tell others about the iPhone. I told them how it had changed my life, how it had made me more organized, productive and creative. I told them they needed to get an iPhone. I had to avoid the tendency of thinking them stupid and close-minded for continuing to use an obviously inferior phone, but it helped when I remembered that not long ago I was like them.

When the iPad came out, I bought one, the 64 Gig model with 3G capability. When it came time to buy a new laptop for my wife I bought her a Macbook Pro.  A few months later I bought one for myself.

I held on to our two old PC laptops, thinking I might need them in the future if I needed to run software that was PC based. And I still had my new laptop PC on my desk in my study functioning almost like a desktop computer, but as the time passed, I found I didn’t even want to use it.

Then, in church last Sunday, I had an epiphany. My brother and his family were in town and my niece and nephew needed laptops for school. It occurred to me I could give them my two PC laptops and buy an iMac for the desk in my study. My wife and I could then network our Macbook Pros with the iMac and be completely Macified at home. After church, I purchased the iMac and I’m writing this post on it right now.

I still have to go in to work every day and use PCs, but I think my love of Apple is strong enough now that I won’t be persuaded to ever switch back. GS

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