On Media Hypocrisy

It has been interesting to watch the media complain about being attacked by President Trump.

Apparently it is the exercise of the right of free speech for the media to criticize President Trump but not vice versa.

The media can say President Trump is engaging in mere accusation and name-calling, but is this really any different than someone burning the American flag to protest an administration’s policies, or perhaps closer to the media’s home, using dishonest and salacious headlines about the content of an anti-Trump article just to attract hits.

It sounds to me like the media has a double standard. They like casting the stones but not dodging them.

If you have read this blog, you probably know I am no fan of Donald Trump, but I am also no fan of hypocrisy, although it is better than nihilism. That fact that the media acknowledges a standard they fail to live by at least gives us hope.

And I am painting with a broad brush. Of course not all members of the media (or even most) are hypocrites just as all lawyers or used car salespeople are not liars. But this blog exists to offer Kingdom solutions to secular problems, and there is a solution to this problem.

Trump, or any President, should be free to offer truthful criticism of the media. However, name-calling and personal attacks neither promote Truth nor reasoned discussion. The media should honestly and objectively report facts and expose corruption. However, they should not skew headlines or stories to promote a personal or political agenda.

The good news is that as the Kingdom progresses, Truth will become the plumb line for good reporting and for political discussion. Until then we will just have to try to look the other way. GS

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