Why You Should Travel

One of my great joys and privileges in life has been the opportunity to travel.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. There are alternatives to expensive airfare and hotels if you really want to see the world.

Travel will change you.

It broadens your perspective. It helps you see us (America) the way the rest of the world sees us.

Travel convinces you that as independent and self-determinative as we like to believe we are we are much more the product of our culture than we would care to admit.

All of these realizations brings a more objective view of self and country, both of which are good for those of us who are citizens of a kingdom that transcends culture and country.

At one time, among the well-to-do it was considered essential to a well-rounded education to take the Grand Tour upon finishing college and before beginning one’s career. The Grand Tour consisted of an extended tour of the great cities of the Western World.

My friend, author and educator George Grant, writes, “…the Grand Tour was intended to help the next generation of leaders to learn the languages, customs, and mores of far-flung lands and societies. They desired to broaden their horizons, test the practicality of their book learning, and to deepen their social and academic awareness.”

Instead of spending money on new things that will only consume you, this summer spend money on a travel experience that will change you.

St. Augustine, perhaps the greatest theologian of all time, said, “The world is a book; and those who do not travel read only a page.” GS

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  1. You know I couldn’t let this go; but basically are you saying that it’s OK for OTHER people to travel in the steerage class but not you? 😉 Just kidding. I couldn’t agree more with your advice.

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