The Territory Of The Kingdom, Part III

Here’s something interesting about the territory of the kingdom of God: it can be mobile. This shouldn’t be that surprising.  The territory of earthly kingdoms can be mobile. 

When ambassadors from one nation journey to a foreign country they carry with them the jurisdiction of their kingdom.  They enjoy immunity from prosecution of the foreign power’s laws because they represent the sovereign power of their own kingdom.  Embassies in foreign countries are considered the territory of the foreign ambassador’s nation, as are airplanes and ships under their nation’s flag, regardless of where those planes or ships are, and even if they are mobile. 

Similarly, the territoy of the kingdom of God is mobile as well as fixed.  As citizens of the kingdom of God move physically, so does the territory of the kingdom.  When a Christian goes from his home to the grocery store, he takes the territorial boundaries of the kingdom with him.  

Jesus taught this very concept of the mobility of the Kingdom when He sent out the Seventy.  Jesus told them to minister to the people in the cities He was sending them, but regardless of whether the people accepted them or not to tell the people of the city, “The kingdom of God has come near to you.”  (Luke 10:9).  If the city did not accept them, they were to shake the dust off of their feet as a protest and leave.  When they left the kingdom left with them. 

Every citizen of the kingdom of God today takes the kingdom with them wherever they go if they are obedient to Jesus.  Stated another way Kingdom citizens are ambassadors of Christ the King.  (2 Cor. 5:20).  GS

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