Byzantine Travel Journal: Preparation

Copyright © 2010 Gregory Scott

Tomorrow we leave on our trip to Istanbul, Ephesus and Athens, where we will explore the former heart of the Byzantine Empire (Istanbul f/k/a Constantinople), the former site of a famous New Testament church (Ephesus) and Athens, where the Apostle Paul preached his famous sermon and an Athenian Supreme Court Justice (Dionysius) became a Christian (Acts 17). I’ve been looking forward to this trip for years.

My plan is to post daily, uploading pics from some of the places we visit and providing commentary from a Kingdom worldview. You can discover these ancient sites along with me and submit questions or comments.  It is also my intention to tweet photos during the day at @kingdomtweets.  If you are not following me on Twitter, you can click “Follow Me” icon in the right margin and it will take you to my Twitter home page where you can choose to follow.

You are probably wondering what’s with the pic of the cat in the suitcase. Well, that’s our Lilac Point Himalayan, who always packs herself when when we get ready to leave on a trip. It’s her not-so-subtle way of insisting we take her along.  Unfortunately, we will have to leave her behind with our house-sitter, who always takes good care of her.

So, stay tuned, and if you don’t want to check back to the blog everyday, remember you can subscribe to the RSS feed.  GS

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