Coming Soon: New GSB Travel Journal

In a few weeks, the GSB team will embark on another journey across the pond.

This time the destination is England and Scotland.

We will explore early English and Scottish ecclesiastical history with the help of Columba and Bede, and we will study the English and Scottish Reformations focusing on such figures as Tyndale, Wycliffe, Cranmer, Hamilton, Wishart, and Knox.

We will even mix in some C.S. Lewis in our visit to Oxford.

If you are not familiar with the GSB travel journals, here are blog posts from past GSB journeys:

  1. Byzantine Travel Journal, August 2010
  2. Israel Travel Journal, June 2011
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  4. Carolingian & Crusader Travel Journal, August 2012
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Each tour has a Kingdom-related theme, and in each place we explore the stories of those men and women who have changed the course of history to advance the kingdom of God on earth.

So, stay tuned. GS

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