On Diverting Astroids and Jesus’ Return

So, today for the first time in history, man intentionally hit an astroid with a projectile and altered its course. Humanity will now breathe a sigh of relief knowing man has a fighting chance against the greatest threat to global annihilation.

When I heard the news today, my mind went to a completely different place. I thought, what if 1,000 years ago, we had told Christians that before Jesus returned we would be able to launch a rocket 7 miles into space and intentionally hit an astroid less than 200 yards wide with enough force to alter its course.

I believe most Christians would have said that was impossible, either because the necessary technology was inconceivable or that by the time it took mankind to achieve such technology, Jesus would have already returned. Yet, here we are.

For those Christians who have lived to see this day, there should be a new sense of responsibility. That responsibility is rooted in the realization that when Jesus went away for a long time (Luke 20:9) and entrusted his possessions i.e. the world to His followers (Mark 13:34-37), he was requiring that we indeed take care of it.

That means we have to be thinking about possibilities such as a planet-killing astroid strike, climate change, and safe renewable energy. It is no excuse to simply believe Jesus will return before such problems will need to be solved.

The earth is the Lord’s and all it contains (Psalm 24:1), and He has entrusted it to believers (Mark 13:34-37). It is time for Christians to start leading in taking care of it and ensuring it endures until Jesus returns. GS

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