Scotch-Irish Cruise Journal—Day 1

The Scotch-Irish Cruise Journal is officially underway.

And there is already a mild rebellion in the camp.

As I mentioned in the prior post, Ann had ignored the reading list early but because I gave her an Amazon gift card for her birthday a few months ago, she felt compelled to at least buy the books on the reading list.

Those unread books ended up in Ann’s backpack, which made it none too light. This prompted Ann, who rarely leaves unsaid what she has not left unthought, to blame me. Modeling Jesus before the Sanhedrin, I said nothing.

When we arrived at the United Airlines Lounge at the airport, Ann’s first words were “Where is the alcohol?” I thought this a good thing and possibly a means by which to quell the rebellion. The United Airlines Lounge did have alcohol and nothing further was said about the weight of the backpack.Our flight was delayed for two hours, but no one complained or worried. The GSB team, a group of experienced international travelers filled with the Holy Spirit, and some alcohol, took it all in stride. In the end, we were still able to catch our connecting flight to Edinburgh.

We will arrive in Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow, where we will spend three days. We will see sights we missed in June, including John Knox’s birthplace in Haddington, before boarding the cruise ship, sailing around the northern coast of Scotland and then Ireland, and stopping each day at a new port. In the process we will explore all things Kingdom and learn about how those who have submitted their lives to King Jesus have advanced the Kingdom and changed the world. GS

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