On Illegitimate Businesses

While I was on our Reformation Tour, I received a text from my office that a topless bar wanted to hire our firm to represent it in a wage and hour dispute.

We have represented individuals in lawsuits against topless bars in the past, and have succeeded in helping put a few of them out of business.

In the last few years, though, our firm has started representing more businesses in employment law litigation.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take me long to respond to whether we should represent the topless bar: “Pass”, I texted.

It was not a hard decision. As I wrote in June, in the kingdom of God there are no secular and sacred businesses, only legitimate and illegitimate ones. Illegitimate work is work that has an illegtimate (sinful) purpose, and therefore, is contrary to God’s will and at cross-purposes with His kingdom. Such businesses serve no legitimate purpose in God’s management of the planet or the expansion of His kingdom.

A topless bar is an illegitimate business. It exploits and promotes the objectification of women for profit. By representing the business we would be helping it survive, and it has no legitimate right in the Kingdom to exist. One of the evidences of the growth of the kingdom of God is the transfer of wealth away from building the tools of warfare into the tools of business. See Isaiah 2:4. And those tools of business do not include lap dances. GS

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