Post Inauguration Advice for Kingdom Citizens

Well it happened.

Few believed it would happen. The polls said it wouldn’t happen. The press said it wouldn’t happen. I don’t believe Donald Trump even thought it would happen.

But it did happen, and now that Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, it is time to consider how Kingdom citizens in America should conduct themselves during a Trump presidency.

If you voted for Trump

If you voted for Trump, you have the more difficult task ahead. It is very likely Trump will achieve some quick, conspicuous accomplishments that will seem good for America. Trump is a man of action. He is used to getting things done. He opens his negotiations with outlandish positions (e.g. build and wall and Mexico pay for it) he knows the other side will not agree to so as to frame the negotiation favorably to achieving lesser, reasonable goals. “America First” may strike a patriotic chord, but as I have suggested in other posts, I do not believe those to be Kingdom chords.

After Hitler become Chancellor and then President of Germany, he did much to restore the German pride that had been stripped from them at Versailles. His aggressive nationalistic rhetoric played well at home. He  then began invading and occupying other European nations. The victories were quick and decisive. Even Christians who had not supported Hitler felt torn. They knew what was happening was not moral, but it was so ostensibly good for Germany, they remained silent, except for a few like Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I’m not saying Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler; I am using an historical example to illustrate the challenges facing Trump supporters. Being a Kingdom citizen may require you to be critical of President Trump even in the face of ostensible success. This will almost certainly be the case because seventy year-old men do not change, absent a radical conversion by King Jesus.

If you didn’t vote for Trump 

For those Kingdom citizens who did not  vote for Donald Trump, your task will be easier. The Bible is very clear that you are required to pray for President Trump. When the Apostle Paul told his disciple Timothy to pray for kings, it was likely the “king” over the Roman Empire at the time was one of the most despotic, depraved, emperors ever to rule the Roman Empire: Nero. See I Timothy 2:1-3. Prayer acknowledges the reality that God works through those in authority, even those who do not know or serve Him. Prayer is not something you do because you like or support Donald Trump, but because you are dedicated to the advance of the kingdom of God on earth.

Lastly, if you didn’t vote for Trump, remember that the kingdom of God progressed throughout the Roman Empire during persecution from the Jews and then from the Romans throughout the first three centuries of the Church. As bad as things may be, the state of the Kingdom is never dependent on the state of the Union.


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