The Most Important Job in the World

I’ve written much over the past few years about work and its role in the Kingdom.

I have also discipled men and helped them understand how their job advances King Jesus’ twin goals of ruling the earth and expanding His Kingdom on earth.

Some jobs are easier to address in a Kingdom-context than others.

The role of a physician or nurse are the easiest: the Lord works through a physician or nurse to treat and heal people.

Jobs that are more specialized and removed from an obvious Kingdom service are more difficult. For example, a computer systems technician for an engineering firm keeps the computers at the firm working properly, so the business can run more efficiently and build more excellent buildings at a more affordable price. King Jesus wants to provide excellent buildings for businesses so they can provide their services more excellently and efficiently to meet people’s needs on the earth.

As I’ve written before, in the Kingdom there are legitimate and illegitimate jobs, but amongst the legitimate jobs, all have a role in the management of the planet for King Jesus and the expansion of His kingdom. So, which jobs are most important in the world, or more to the point, what is the most important job in the world?

Some might say a physician has the most important job, or a pastor, or the president of the United States or some other major power, and I think they would all be wrong. The most important job is the job being performed in full submission to King Jesus.

Why? Because King Jesus rules where His will is done. A physician who calls himself a Christian but never acknowledges Jesus, submits to or calls upon Him in his job, might as well not even be a Christian as far as the Kingdom is concerned. If he is not in submission to Jesus in his job, he is not establishing the Kingdom at work. He is effectively excluding King Jesus from his workplace.

Conversely, a custodian who is fully submitted to Jesus, and allows Jesus to work through him in his work and interaction with others at work, is allowing Jesus to rule in his workplace.

Stated another way, the most important job is the job performed by an individual fully submitted to King Jesus because that is where Jesus is fully present and working through His delegated authority on the earth. GS

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