Toward A Kingdom-Based Foreign Policy – 9

In summary, a Kingdom-based foreign policy is not founded on secular left/right political presuppositions but on Kingdom presuppositions.

Christians have failed to promote a coherent foreign policy because they have started from left/right secular presuppositions or mistaken ideas about the end-times.

These mistaken ideas about the end-times have led to anti-visions, rather than a vision.

Instead, a Kingdom-based foreign policy must begin with God’s vision for the planet.

Only when Christians embrace this vision will they be in a position to advance a coherent, consistent and positive foreign policy.

There are five principles to a Kingdom-based foreign policy.

1.  A nation’s conduct toward other nations should promote the spread of Christianity.

2.  A nation should follow the order of favor in it’s dealings with other nations.

3.  A nation should seek treaties that promote the fulfillment of God’s plan for the earth.

4.  Foreign aid should be used but always with conditions that promote God’s plan for the earth.

5.  War should always be a last resort to resolving conflict.

These five principles aren’t exclusive, but I believe they are foundational.

Hopefully others will find them useful to build upon in thinking through the relations of nations as the kingdom of God continues to advance and transform the earth. GS

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