What God Expects From You At Work—Part 1

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What does God expect from you at work?

It’s a question every Christian should ask.

Given that most adult Christians spend 40-70 hours per week at work, it is perhaps the most important question a Christian can ask.

Probably the only thing you spend time doing more than working is sleeping, and yet there are surprisingly few books, podcasts and sermons on the subject of what God expects of us at work.

This series is intended to provide you with a very clear understanding of what to do to honor God and advance His kingdom at work every day.

You will read here some things you have never considered were expected of you at work, as well as some things you considered but didn’t understand why God expected them of you. You will read here things that have the potential for making you more successful in your job and more appreciated by your managers and coworkers. You will read here things that will likely challenge you for the rest of your life in your job. And hopefully you will read some things here that will provide you with a new enthusiasm for you work.

This series will focus on three directives, the holy trinity of principles of work in the Kingdom. They are easy to remember, exciting to understand, but more challenging to apply.

We will start with the first principle in the next post. GS

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