Why You Should Care About The Academy Awards

Well, they’re out, the list of nominees for this years’ Academy Awards. You can see them here.

Why should you care about the Academy Awards?  If you are a Christian, you should care about the Academy Awards because you should care about culture.

The Apostle Paul was so familiar with the Greek poets he was able to quote them to the Athenians in the context of explaining the Gospel.  See Acts 17:22-29.

I have news for you though, poetry is not the main medium of modern culture; movies are. That’s why my wife and I try to see, at a minimum, all the movies nominated for Best Picture each year.  Christians are called to engage and transform the culture and that starts with knowing the culture. If you choose to become a movie-goer, remember a few things.

First, know yourself and review the movie rating before you decide to go.  If the movie is going to present a problem for you you should know how to protect your heart in the theater, and if you can’t, don’t go.

Second, watch the movie actively, as opposed to passively.  Look for the symbolism used in the film and listen carefully to the dialogue, because both are there not only to tell a good story but to press the theme and message of the movie.

Third, ask yourself what the theme or message of the movie is.  Most movies, unless they are just brain-candy shoot-em ups or two-hour chase scenes have a message the filmmaker is trying to convey to the audience.  This is where you find the kernel of culture.

With that you should be on your way. Enjoy. GS

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