Workplace Fundamentals: Introduction

This is the first in a series on the Christian fundamentals of the workplace.

I’ve been playing the drums now for about 5 years. Yesterday, while bumping around on Youtube, I came across a drum instructor video on how to play triplets.

After I watched the 5 minute video, I realized this really cool drum riff I’d been hearing for years, but never understood, was actually very simple to play.

I also learned it can be played between various drums and cymbals and in a variety of situations. It is in fact a building block for drummers, a fundamental.

By learning that fundamental I’d been missing, I suddenly understood how drummers like  John Bonham and Neil Peart had done certain things in songs I could never figure out. I sat down on the drum set and began playing triplets, slowly at first, then faster, incorporating them into different fills and beats. It was magical.

As I thought about, I began to feel very stupid.  I’d never taken formal lesson and learned the fundamentals of drumming. As a result, I’d missed out on one of the important building blocks of drumming, and it had severely limited me as a drummer.

Just about anything you would learn to do has fundamentals, whether it is learning a musical instrument, a sport or a hobby. If you don’t get the fundamentals early you can struggle for the rest of your life.

It’s no different when it comes to working. There are certain fundamentals, certain foundational building blocks, without which your workplace experience will be less successful, less enjoyable and less fulfilling than it could be. You can be very talented and get the job you always dreamed of, but sooner or later, without getting these fundamentals down, you will run into a wall. You will find yourself frustrated and unhappy with your job.

On the other hand, once you do learn these fundamentals, you will be able to apply them in just about any job you do. They are, after all, fundamentals.

So, next, we’ll go to the part of the Bible where these fundamentals can be found and I’ll give you some historical background to provide the context for understanding these fundamentals. GS


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  1. Looking forward to the rest of this series! I went to Israel with Ji back in 2006. I used to be on the Every Nation campus ministry staff before getting back into civil engineering. We attend Bethel’s Franklin congregation just outisde Nashville. I have really been enjoying this blog. Thanks for writing! (Oh, I am a drummer as well. Keep working on those basics!)

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