A Thanksgiving Blog Post…Sort Of

I didn’t want to write the typical Thanksgiving blog post, you know, the one about how we should be thankful for what we have and how fortunate we are.

Those are good things, and we should be that way all the time, not just on Thanksgiving, but I wanted something fresh, from a different angle.

I thought about writing a little teach about thankfulness from the Bible with super-relevant, Andy Stanley-like contextual relevancy that would be daring in its brevity and stunning in its insight.

But I couldn’t think of how to do it without sounding religious.  It’s just so expected, like chocolate on Valentines Day, I couldn’t imagine how it could be fresh.

Then I thought of writing something about American colonial history as a segue into addressing American Christians’ penchant for looking at the past through idealistic glasses rather than looking forward to what the Lord will do in the future.

I was going to remind Caucasian Americans that African Americans have good reason for not wanting to go back to the good old days in America and suggest that Caucasians be more sensitive when they talk about our Christian heritage and Christian Founding Fathers.  But I thought that too political for Thanksgiving.

I even thought about stepping way out of the box and writing about the things I’m not thankful for, but my wife wisely questioned whether that was Biblical, and not having a scripture ready in support I had to abandon that idea as well.

So, I’m left with telling you why I didn’t write about being thankful, about scripture, history and not being thankful.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. GS

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