Are You Beer or Wine?

My parents and most of my extended family live in the same small town, halfway across the country from where my wife and I live.  And when I visit my parents for a day or two, I usually spend all my time with them.  As a result, I haven’t seen many of my aunts and uncles and cousins for years.

Yesterday, though, we had  a Fourth of July celebration with food, fireworks and family fellowship.  Seeing a person you know well in five year increments is a lot like time-lapse photography. It gives you perspective familiarity plus proximity obscure.  Change is highlighted instead of hidden. All this got me thinking about aging.

I’ve noticed as people age, one of two things happen. If they are not a Christian, they tend to become more self-centered and set in their ways and care less about the needs of others.  If they are a Christian, submitted to the lordship of Jesus and subject to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, with age they become less self-centered, more adaptable and concerned about the needs of others.

I realize this is a broad generalization, subject to exceptions and gradations, but the distinction is real.  It’s like the first group becomes more abrasive with age and the second palatable.

It’s the same with beer and wine.  As beer ages it becomes offensive to the palate.  This realization is what gave birth to the idea of “born-on dating” for beer.  A lot of people like beer, but I don’t know anyone who likes it when it is old.  Wine is the opposite:  as it ages it gets smoother and more palatable.  Even very expensive wine, if you drink it too soon will have a harshness to it, but age will transform it into something even a wine novice can enjoy.

Jesus is the Great Vintner.  He turned water into incredible wine.  (John 2:1-11).  So here’s the question: are you beer or wine? GS

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