Don’t Read This

June 18, 2016 SunsetI was hoping you wouldn’t read this.

That is why I picked that title.

I’ve got nothing to say, but I feel I am supposed to write

I must have writer’s block. Still, I feel I am supposed to write.

I thought about writing about Donald Trump. I have some ideas about him; but I thought better of it. I thought about writing about the torrential downpour I’m watching through the window and talking about how rain in movies and books is a symbol for redemption, but I didn’t see it really going anywhere.

Then I thought maybe I’m not reading enough since I don’t have any good ideas to write about here. I considered reading to get inspired but realized I would be too tired after reading to write tonight and then I would feel even worse. Finally I decided to just sit down and start writing. I’ve done that before and churned out some interesting blog posts. I don’t think it is working this time.

In fact, I feel terrible now because I’ve wasted your time with a corny title that roped you into reading this terrible stream of conscious blog post. I even lied when I said I was hoping you wouldn’t read this. Secretly, I was hoping you would and by the time I got to the end of it I would have thought of something very clever to say and then you would forgive me for using the corny title. But I don’t have anything clever to say.

You probably won’t believe this, but just after repenting by writing the previous paragraph, I was getting ready to wrap up this blog post, and I looked out the window to my right and noticed it had stopped raining, and instead of the water falling from sky the sun was piercing through the clouds. I quickly took a picture and uploaded it into this post.

So there you go, I wrote about rain being a symbol for redemption, I repented, and the Lord provided a beautiful sunset and ending for this blog post.

I guess what I can say is that this is life in the kingdom of God. Sometimes it is very exciting and inspired; other times it is uneventful and ordinary, but regardless of how it feels if we keep moving forward in obedience to King Jesus He will remind us He is indeed on the throne. GS

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