Is There a GSB Tour in the Near Future?

So, what you didn’t know, because security within the GSB team is lock tight, is that there was a tour in the works last summer that would have taken us to Rome, Revenna, and Venice. The theme would have been the early church, the conversion of Constantine the Great at the Milvian Bridge, and some Byzantine and crusader sites as well. It was a trip we had in the works for a few years, but then came “the Covid.”

Now, just this last week, Europe has announced they are opening up for tourists, specifically the kind who have have had Pfizer and Moderna tickle their immune system. Since The Wife and I are Pfizer folk, we, along with the rest of GSB team, are looking seriously at a September 2021 tour in Italy. Ann, a vaxxed GSB Travel Blog regular, staunch Calvinist, and fierce protector of all things Protestant (she can sniff out popery from a 1,000 yards), is also game.

There are a few challenges. For one, The Wife and I binge watched twelve seasons of Mayday and Air Disasters during the pandemic and swore multiple times we would never get on a plane again. If you are familiar with the GSB travel blogs, you know yours truly does not travel well, although until recently that has been driven more by the inconvenience involved in getting in the air more than the fear of falling out of it.

But one too many graphic recreations of iced wings, incompetent pilots, and engine fires may have now caused the fear to trump the inconvenience. Pray for us. It would be truly tragic if the GSB travel blog devolved into Winebago excursions across the western United States to the Hoover Dam with detours to see the world’s largest ball of twine and a genuine live buffalo.

Also, the Covid must continue to decline here and in Italy, which means the rest of my Christian friends need to get vaxxed and stop buying into silly conspiracy theories about Bill Gates wanting to secretly poison 98% of the population. Yes, he is probably a nerd and apparently a less-than-ideal husband, but there is no evidence he is the biggest mass murderer in history.

In the meantime, I will work on a reading list for those of you who like to prepare with us literally and travel with us virtually. As always, I will provide the reading list to The Wife and Ann far enough in advance of our trip so they can have the time to fully ignore it. GS

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