Musings in Adversity V – Epilogue

I am now about a month out from suffering from the medical scare that led to this series of blog posts.

I’m happy to report my vision continues to improve from the torn retina.

Every Thursday night The Wife and I go to the bar at an historic hotel downtown for martinis. We know the bartenders by name, and they know us. We sit there, chat, and just relax.

As I was sitting there last Thursday, I felt different. It was no big thing: a drink at a bar with The Wife and some familiars. In the past, I might have been thinking about all that needed to be done, or what was on the calendar for the next day.

This time though I just savored the moment. I wasn’t worried about losing my vision, or whether my vision was going to improve following surgery. That was behind me. It was a day of prosperity, and I embraced it fully. I was happy.

Will tomorrow bring prosperity or adversity? I don’t know. In His grace and kindness, He has not shown me. But I do know that goodness and lovingkindness will surely follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. GS

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