Preview: Israel the Sequel

Two years ago this month, the wife and I traveled to Israel.

Funny thing, neither one of us had ever had an inclination to go, and I was definitely too busy at the time, but our good friend Ji Yun, of Tirosh Expeditions asked us to pray about it.

When my wife and I prayed  about it, we came to same unexpected conclusion: the Lord wanted us to go.

As I’ve blogged here before, the trip was a game-changer. We’ve never read the Bible the same since then.

Well, when Ji talked to us about round two–an advanced study tour to Israel–it was an easy decision. That decision was subsequently put in doubt by some health issues, but now it appears all systems are go.

I’ve blogged on our prior trip to Israel and on our Byzantine adventure, which included (Istanbul, Ephesus and Athens). I plan to do the same here beginning on Saturday, with a day-by-day update from Israel.

My goal is to bring you along through the blogosphere, give you a taste of the trip and how experiencing the places of the Bible can enhance your experience in reading the Bible.

So, stay tuned. GS.

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