Reflection On The Election

Well, the election is over.

The sun came up Wednesday morning.

The world did not end.

Some Christians are elated; others are disappointed.

However, although the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world politically, who he is and what he does in the next four years, good or bad, will likely not be as important as what Christians can do to advance the Kingdom.

There are, however, some clear winners and losers in this election besides the candidates.


1.  Billy/Franklin Graham. I love them both and have the utmost respect for what they have done…until this last election. For the first time in his career, Billy Graham in essence endorsed a Presidential candidate, but worse than that, in October 2012, the Grahams removed Mormonism from the list of cults on their website. Any time Christians attempt to trade Truth for political power the Kingdom suffers. Jesus refused the bargain when it was offered to Him. (Mark 12:13-17).

2.  Churches that endorsed a presidential candidate. Show me a church that endorses candidates and I will show you a church that is not diverse. I’m proud to be in a church that does not preach politics or endorse candidates. It’s the most diverse church I’ve ever seen. We focus on helping people become obedient to Jesus, not the DNC or RNC.


1.  The Kingdom of God.  It seems there are a lot of Christians asking God why Governor Romney lost. If they are asking God that question it may be because they are putting too much hope in politicians. If the loss gets Christians to refocus their hope on Jesus rather than on men that is a good thing for the Kingdom.

2.  Political consultants and the like. Six billion dollars was spent during this election cycle by people trying to get their person elected. As it turns out, nothing changed. We got the status quo. Political consultants, marketing consultants and every thing related got six billion dollars.

Well, in any event, it is over. A friend of mine said it best in summing up the election: “There is nothing here to see. Move along.” GS

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