Why America Failed in Afghanistan

Well it’s over. We lost in Afghanistan. The Afghanis decided to continue to cling to their guns and Korans rather than apple pie, democracy, and the American Way. Our record is now 10-2, which is not bad as far as war records go. Even the Romans lost a few. If there was a playoff for … Continue reading “Why America Failed in Afghanistan”

Is There a GSB Tour in the Near Future?

So, what you didn’t know, because security within the GSB team is lock tight, is that there was a tour in the works last summer that would have taken us to Rome, Revenna, and Venice. The theme would have been the early church, the conversion of Constantine the Great at the Milvian Bridge, and some … Continue reading “Is There a GSB Tour in the Near Future?”

Kingdom History: The Plague of Justinian

Justinian was emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 527 A.D. to 565 A.D. Justinian ruled from Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, the richest city in the world, and the capital of Christendom. Constantinople was surrounded on three sides by water, and its land facing side was protected by wall 40 feet high and … Continue reading “Kingdom History: The Plague of Justinian”

Coming Soon: New GSB Travel Journal

In a few weeks, the GSB team will embark on another journey across the pond. This time the destination is England and Scotland. We will explore early English and Scottish ecclesiastical history with the help of Columba and Bede, and we will study the English and Scottish Reformations focusing on such figures as Tyndale, Wycliffe, … Continue reading “Coming Soon: New GSB Travel Journal”

Historical Example: Holy Spirit Empowered Work

Before going on our Reformation Tour, I had been writing about work and what it mean to work inspired by the Holy Spirit. In preparing for our trip, as is my custom, I began reading about those who had shaped the history of the places we were going. In doing so, I came across Cyril … Continue reading “Historical Example: Holy Spirit Empowered Work”