Tested By My Blog Post

jugglingSometimes these blog posts are unintentionally prophetic. The last post, The Myth of Balance, is an example.

The reason I was not able to blog last week was because it ended up being an unexpectedly busy week.

We had a 30 page brief due on Friday. So, I planned on spending a lot of time working on it during the week.

I was scheduled to be out of town in a deposition on Tuesday in a case where one of the opposing parties was represented by two former judges. So, I made sure I was extra-well prepared, which took a lot of my time on Monday. I was out of town Tuesday in the deposition.

I hoped to spend Wednesday working on the brief that was due Friday, but I was unexpectedly drawn into a Temporary Restraining Order proceeding when two of my clients were sued on Wednesday. That killed most of the day. Continue reading “Tested By My Blog Post”