The Need Starbucks Meets…Sort of

StarbucksI think I’ve figured out the lure of Starbucks.

By way of full disclosure I should probably mention I am sitting in a Starbucks as I write this, waiting for the wife to finish shopping.

The people at this Starbucks are acting like people I’ve seen at other Starbucks: they are sitting at their tables with their book and computers, reading and working, but not talking to anyone around them.

These people, I’ve concluded, are not here because of the coffee. There is probably better coffee at other places. I believe many go to Starbucks for a different reason. They go because “It is not good for man to be alone.” Gen. 2:18.

Many people go to Starbucks so they don’t have to be alone. They go for a type of community. They don’t want to talk to other people around them. They are not there to make friends or build relationships. They just want to be around other people. So many go that they have made an unbelievably successful franchise out of the ostensibly mundane business of selling a cup of coffee. There is definitely something more Starbucks is providing. Continue reading “The Need Starbucks Meets…Sort of”