Ephesians 1 (Part I)

View from Arcadiane to The Great Theatre, Ephesus

I’ve been studying Ephesians 1 lately because I’ll be teaching on it at my church next Sunday.

In preparation for that, I thought I’d write a little here about what I’m finding.

I’m a context guy. I want to know what is going around outside the text before I try to understand what it means, and I am approaching Paul’s letter to the Ephesians the same way.

Understanding the context starts with understanding the author and his audience.

First there is Paul. It’s somewhere between 61 and 63 A.D., and he’s in jail in Rome. He’s there because he appealed to Nero Caesar  (Acts 25:11), and the Lord has promised him he will have the opportunity to preach to Nero (Acts 27:23-24). Continue reading “Ephesians 1 (Part I)”