On Climate Change

I exited the left/right game a long time ago.

It became clear to me neither the left nor the right’s political philosophy was rooted in the Word of God.

Consequently, here I have always attempted to approach political issues from a different perspective.

I would mention though that before exiting the left/right game I was definitely a right-winger. I only mention this because I’m confident if I offend any by this post, it will be my friends on the right.

I don’t know much about climate change. I’m not a meteorogist. I don’t even watch the local weather on television. But like most people, I have an opinion. Continue reading “On Climate Change”

Same-Sex Marriage, America, and the Kingdom—3


Same-sex marriage is here for the present in America.

The question is where does it go from here?

There are at least four possibilities for America.

One possibility is that same-sex marriage becomes generally accepted and those who oppose it become more isolated and marginalized. Along with that will come other consequences.  The Apostle Paul will be labeled a homophobe and the Old Testament considered largely irrelevant–how can a God who gives his nation homophobic laws be considered relevant in a society that accepts same-sex marriage as normative? Continue reading “Same-Sex Marriage, America, and the Kingdom—3”

Response: The So-Called “Right-to-Die”

NeedleSo, I received an email from an attorney friend of mine implicitly endorsing the so-called “right-to-die.”

It contained a statement from Dr. Peter Goodwin, who helped create Oregon’s right-to-die legislation.

Goodwin made the statement before he decided to end his life last year at 83 because of a terminal condition.”Life is unfair,” Goodwin told The Oregonian, but “Be fulfilled . . . be happy with yourself. Recognize achievements and be proud of them then go on to further achievements. Know what you want to do and do it. Be happy. Know good friends. Be in love.”

How Jesus Helped Me See Discrimination

Diversity HandsI am Caucasian.

Growing up Caucasian, I never experienced discrimination because of my race.

I was raised in a fairly conservative home, politically speaking, and by the time I was starting law school I believed race discrimination was a thing of the past in America.

By the end of my first year of law school I had joined the most diverse church I had ever known and made a lot of friends in the church who were not Caucasian.

The year was 1988, an election year, and because Jesse Jackson ran for president, race was part of the discussion during the election. Continue reading “How Jesus Helped Me See Discrimination”

Seeing Outside Your Worldview

BinocularsA few years ago, when our church lost its pastor, I and three other guys found ourselves in charge of our church.

One Sunday when I was out of town, one of the other guys had a friend in to preach to our church.

His friend preached about the Christian history of America and said some other things that were political.

As soon as I heard what he preached, I knew we had a problem.

When I got back in town I began calling people in our church and sure enough many people had been offended, and for good reason. Continue reading “Seeing Outside Your Worldview”