Movie Review: Ferrari

I should probably start by making it clear that I have nothing against Ferraris. In fact, I would love to own one. I’m also partial to the Ferrari F1 team. But all that aside, my enthusiasm for the brand does not extend to the movie of the same name, directed by Michael Mann.

This movie is a modern biopic more than a narrative, which is fine, but if you are going to do a character study, at least find a character who is interesting or inspirational. Unfortunately, all Ferrari inspires is encouragement for aspiring polygamists.

Despite my interest in Ferraris I did not realize Enzo Ferrari had a second family on the side and a child he did not publicly acknowledge until after his wife died. Much of the movie focuses on this part of Ferrari’s life.

To make sure you do not get bored with Ferrari’s philandering, Mann sprinkles some race scenes amongst all the perfidy. But even this goes awry when Mann portrays the infamous 1957 Mille Miglia race that killed nine spectators, showing us a body cut in half and body parts strewn along the side 0f the road. There is something be said for discretion, but apparently Mann has not heard it.

All this would have been easier to swallow if the movie had been entertaining, but it wasn’t, and this is its biggest fail. I kept waiting for insight into what inspired this man to create the most iconic automobile in history, but the only insight I got was on how to keep a mistress while maintaining a good relationship with the Vatican.

Biopics are great, but don’t give me another movie about a rake who achieved fame or fortune and call him “complex.” There is nothing complex about infidelity, even when committed by an unattractive man with a fast car.

Save your money on Ferrari. It is better spent on the car. GS

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