Why I Shouldn’t Be Able To Marry My Horse

The recent fad in our country is same-sex marriage. I say it’s a fad because there’s nothing new or progressive about dudes hooking up with dudes, but that’s not the point I want to make. There’s a problem with it that’s more fundamental.

I think if you ask most people why they support same-sex marriage, they will tell you people should be able to do what they want (some might add “as long as they are not hurting anyone else”).

People aren’t arguing that same-sex marriage is essential to the continuation of the human race or that it’s necessary to the existence of a healthy society or the preservation of the family. The reason given is that people should be able to do what they want.

Now, if that’s the principal justifying same sex marriage–and I can’t think of another–why can’t I marry my horse? (If I had one of course). I mean, if we both love each other, are consenting adults and we aren’t hurting anyone else.

One might say most people don’t believe in man-horse marriages or that there is not a large group of people itching for equine elopement. But you could say the same thing about same-sex marriage, and yet here it is. The civil rights argument is no better. There is no interpretation of the Constitution that would permit same-sex marriage that would not also permit the equine version.

Same-sex marriage is upon us not because people are convinced it’s moral or necessary, or because the Constitution demands it, but because people have simply assumed a broader hedonistic principle.

There is a principle driving same-sex marriage–the anything goes principle–and no one is discussing it.

Those supporting same-sex marriage have pushed us down a hill and never bothered to look at what awaits at the bottom.

And what awaits at the bottom is my original question: Why shouldn’t I be able to marry my horse? GS

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