Why Intolerance is the Answer to Racism

There is much said about intolerance, and much of it is wrong.

As I’ve written here before, intolerance in-and-of-itself is amoral.

It is the object of intolerance that renders intolerance moral or immoral. It is good to be intolerant of racism; it is bad to be tolerant of it.

The reason racism is still pervasive in the United States is because we tolerate it. By “we” I mean those who are not victims of it or who benefit from it. We tolerate it because it doesn’t affect us, and to the extent it does affect us we benefit from it.

It takes only a resourceful man to oppose wrongful conduct when doing so benefits him. It takes a truly good man to do so when it only benefits others. So, the solution is that we need more truly good people, and it is only Jesus who can make men truly good.

If we are ever going to overcome racism we need to start with becoming intolerant, and to become intolerant we need to become truly good. GS

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