Day 4: Fasting And Not Eating

My church is on day 4 of a 6 day fast. I mentioned in my first post I would explain my personal fasting plan in the middle of the week.

I did a water only fast from Sunday night until Tuesday night. I had some great time in the Word and in prayer.

I had a previously scheduled breakfast meeting with other leaders of our local bar association Wednesday, a deposition today and a previously scheduled dinner meeting with a group of civil trial specialists and former state Supreme Court justice tonight.

So, I did not fast Wednesday and today. Tomorrow I go back on the fast and will continue through Saturday night when I, and other church members, will pray and then break the fast together at a local restaurant.

This was my plan from the beginning of the week, but I didn’t mention it because fasting is not an ironman contest or an attempt to put God in your debt. It’s a means by which to quiet the distractions that keep one from hearing God in the Word and prayer.

I have a friend who has now gone 4 days on nothing but water. He tells me this fast has been a life-changing experience for him. That’s as it should be. I am thrilled for him and envious of how deep he’s gone with the Lord, but I don’t feel guilty because fasting is not a works-based endeavor. It’s about going in to the fast one way, hearing from the Lord, and coming out different on the other side. The other kind of fasting risks hypocrisy. (Isaiah 58:3-6). It’s simply going a few days without eating.

I’m looking forward to jumping back into the fast tomorrow to connect more deeply with the Lord over the next two days and hopefully become more like the King of Kings in the process. GS

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