Day 6: Breaking The Fast

The best meal you’ll ever have is the first meal after a fast. That was certainly the case tonight.

We started the evening by gathering for an hour of prayer to complete our 6 nights of corporate prayer. Everybody was hungry and before we prayed the topic kept turning to food.

Our pastor didn’t realize it, but people kept slipping out into the garage to sign his birthday card. When he asked where two of the people had gone, we told him they had snuck out into the garage to look at a food magazine, which after a 6 day fast seemed a credible cover.

We then went around the room and people shared what they had learned or how the Lord had changed them during the fast.  After that we prayed for an hour for the health of our church and that we would be the kind of people who demonstrated the love of Jesus to those in our sphere of influence. (As I write this it strikes me how odd this would seem to the average non-Christian that a group of people would spend a week praying and not eating so they could draw closer the Lord and become better people).

We then went to Cafe Express where we took dominion over the back room and began eating. Ironically, no one prayed before eating. It was so obvious we were grateful for the food it seemed redundant to articulate it.

Someone said, “I’m looking forward to eating this, but I don’t have to.” I know what he meant. Sure, eventually he would have to eat to stay alive, but his point was he did not have to eat just then. His appetite was not his God, Jesus was.

Everyone talked about how great the food was, and it did taste great.  But in reality the food was no different than it always was; we were different. GS

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