How To Know If You Are Legalistic

After rereading yesterday’s blog post, I became concerned I might be misinterpreted, that some of you might mistakenly think I was suggesting Christians shouldn’t participate in organized athletics when I was simply using sarcasm to make a point about some things that are wrong with organized athletics.

I was afraid you might think I was a legalist, and I know I’m not a legalist. After all, I drink martinis, go to R-rated movies and make regular trips to Las Vegas to play blackjack.  (Note: I don’t get drunk, I turn away during nude scenes at movies and I don’t gamble with money I can’t afford to lose).

But then it occurred to me that no one really thinks they are legalistic because if they thought they were legalistic they would not be the way they are; they would change.

So, I concluded, the fact that I think I’m not legalistic does not mean I’m not legalistic. It really doesn’t mean anything at all. So what am I to do? What are you to do? What is anyone to do?

Really, the best way to determine whether you are legalistic is to 1) read the Bible, letting it function as a mirror (James 1:23-25); or 2) ask those who know you well. Sanctification comes through the conviction of the Word and the accountability of community.

By the way, if you are wondering, before finishing this blog post I asked the wife if I was legalistic. She said, “On some things.” Not sure where that leaves me on yesterday’s post. GS

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