On Work and Good Friday

task completedI’m a little bummed today.

Today was Good Friday, and I don’t like to work on Good Friday.

Easter is my favorite holiday of the year, and I usually take Good Friday off, but I had three things that had to be done today at work, and so I went to the office.

Before I went to work this morning read through some of the events leading up to Jesus crucifixion in the Gospel of John, and I came across something that added some perspective about having to work today.

It was the night before Jesus would be crucified, and He’s praying for His disciples. Jesus knows He’s about to be betrayed and crucified. He knows He is at the end of His time on earth, and He prays this to the Father:

“I glorified You on earth, having accomplished the work which you have given Me to do.” (John 17:4).

Jesus glorified the Father by accomplishing the work the Father gave Him to do. Jesus preferred not to have to do the work the Father gave Him if it could have been avoided. That’s what the Garden of Gethsemane was all about, but Jesus did His work anyway.

Realizing that put things in perspective for me today, not that filing a lawsuit, a timely appeal or completing a settlement in a commercial dispute compares with laying down one’s life to save and transform the world, but this is the work the Lord has given me.

So, I went into work. I worked ten hours. I didn’t want to, but it was easier knowing that by accomplishing the work the Lord had given me to do I was glorifying Him. GS

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