The Horrible Boss: Introduction

Today GSB begins a five-part series: The Horrible Boss.

I have a strange resume.

I’m a board certified employment lawyer who has been practicing for twenty-two years and have been consistently ranked as one of the top employment lawyers in my state. (That’s not bragging because I write here anonymously, right?).

I’ve counseled clients with work-related problems for years, deposed their horrible bosses and coworkers, and argued their cases to juries, judges and arbitrators.

I’ve also helped lead my local church for a year when we didn’t have a pastor, preaching 3-4 Sundays per month, and I’ve done a fair amount of counseling over the years as an elder in two different churches. (I’ve also written a book on the kingdom of God which I’ve only let five people read and can’t pull the trigger on attempting to publish, which probably doesn’t qualify me for anything but a twelve-step program).

Perhaps then it makes sense that I would tackle this subject.

The horrible boss is by no means the exception, even if it is not the rule. If you work long enough for others you are bound to find yourself working for a horrible boss.

Sometimes they are abusive, sometimes aloof. They come as micromanagers and absent landlords, arrogant tyrants and incompetent fools. But in whatever form they appear, as a subordinate you are stuck with them and must make do.

This series will show you not just how to cope but how to thrive under a horrible boss by applying Biblical truth and Kingdom principles.

We will get started in the next post. GS



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