The Horrible Boss: The Reward

As I finish this series, I want to make it clear that dealing with an abusive or critical boss is not easy, and I don’t want to give the impression that it is.

However, the more difficult the problem the fewer people who will be able to solve it. Consequently, the fewer people who can be promoted past it.

This presents an opportunity for Christians who should be better equipped for solving the problem of the horrible boss.

As Christians are promoted to positions of authority where they can exercise the delegated authority of King Jesus, the kingdom of God is advanced. This is one of reasons the workplace is prime Kingdom territory.

Christians should see horrible bosses as an opportunity to develop the problem-solving and relational skills, advance the kingdom of God and to become more like Jesus.

I hope you find this series helpful if you are currently dealing with a horrible boss or if you have to in the future. GS

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