10 Reasons The Kingdom Will Prevail On Earth

It shocks me how pessimistic Christians are about the future, particularly those of my generation.

Fortunately, the younger generation of Christians seem to have a stronger view of the kingdom of God in history.

Most Christians believe the kingdom of God will ultimately prevail, but many believe that will only happen when Jesus returns and imposes His rule on people.

The Bible suggests, however, that Jesus is waiting at the right hand of the Father until the kingdom of God is established on the earth and then He will return. See Hebrews 10:12-13.

With that introduction, here are ten reasons I believe the kingdom of God will prevail on earth before Jesus returns:

1. The effect of the resurrection is more powerful than the effect fall of man. (Rom. 5:17).

2. The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides in Christians. (Rom. 8:11). The Holy Spirit can raise Jesus from the dead, perform miracles, transform people’s lives, but can’t change the world?

3. The kingdom is of God. (I John 5:4). Whatever is born of God overcomes the world. The kingdom was created by God. Therefore the kingdom will overcome the world.

4. The Old Testament describes a victorious kingdom. Daniel prophesied that in the days of the Roman Empire God would established His kingdom and that that kingdom 1) would never be destroyed; 2) would not be left for another people; 3) would crush and put an end to other kingdoms; and  4) would endure forever. (Dan. 2:44). There is not even a hint of the kingdom failing on earth before Jesus’ return.

5. Jesus described a victorious kingdom. (Matt. 13:24-52). Jesus used the parables of the mustard seed and leave to describe the inexorable growth of the kingdom of God.

6. Love triumphs over hate.

7. The gospel is the best idea known to man. I’m not suggesting the gospel was created by man, only that it is an idea, the best idea known to man. In the marketplace of ideas, the gospel will prevail.

8. Jesus is more powerful than His adversary. Duh.

9. Historical precedent suggests a an ever-expanding kingdom. The kingdom began with 12, quickly became 3,000, within 300 years had become dominant in the Roman Empire and within 2,000 years one in every three in the world would claim to be a Christian. The kingdom is off to a good start.

10. God is not a loser in history. I don’t get the idea that the kingdom of God will fail in history but at the end Jesus will return to rescue a dying church and impose His rule on a rebellious majority. Jesus is coming back but to a victorious church and kingdom.

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