Seeking The Living One

When the women arrived at Jesus’ tomb on Sunday morning, they found the stone had been rolled away and the tomb empty. Two men suddenly stood near in glowing clothes and said to them, “Why do you seek the living One among the dead?” (Luke 24:1-6).

It was a good question.

More people will go to church today than any other Sunday of the year, and that’s a good thing. But most will go to the same church they’ve gone to in the past, perhaps the church they grew up in, where they’ve never found Jesus.

I grew up in such a church. The services were rote and ritualistic. It was like the people there were just punching a time clock. There was no life. Not surprisingly, I didn’t find Jesus there.

I remember the first time I went to a church that was really alive. It was exciting and–reserved as I was–almost scary at the same time. The praise and worship was vibrant and the people worshipped like they were really excited about God. The people demonstrated the love of God by reaching out to me.

If you are an Easter-only church attender, try something different today. Don’t go to the same dead church thinking you will find Jesus there. Don’t seek the living One among the dead. Visit a church that is vibrant and growing.

Chances are you will find Jesus there. GS

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