Some Christmas Perspective

One of the gifts the Magi brought the baby Jesus was myrrh, a substance used for embalming. The gift was a potent foreshadowing of the sacrificial death on a cross that was Jesus’ destiny.

Thursday night I went to a Christmas party with my wife’s family. At the party I spoke with my wife’s cousin who, a year ago, was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of pancreatic cancer.

He has been a believer for as long as I can remember, but last night there was something different about him. Continue reading “Some Christmas Perspective”

My Christmas Rant

Okay, I’ve tried to avoid doing this.

I don’t want to be that guy who uses his blog to air his pet peeves…you know, Andy Rooney with an iPad.

But this has to stop, and I feel responsible to do my part to stop it.

I’m speaking, of course, of the secularization of Christmas music.

It’s been around for quite a while but was only nipping at our nose; now it seems it’s all up in our face and threatening to take down what little is left of the sacred in Christmas tunes.

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3 Tips For A Less Stressed Christmas

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Christmas is, for many, a holiday more stressful than sacred.

Having been in a stressful job (trial lawyer) for more than twenty years and a veteran of forty-six Christmases, I felt sufficiently experienced to offer 3 tips for a less stressed Christmas.

1. For me, driving from store to store in search of the perfect gift in bumper-to-bumper traffic ranks up there with a prolonged waterboarding experience at Guantanamo Bay. So, don’t do it. Put on something comfortable, grab a cup of your favorite holiday beverage, belly-up to to your computer and go to They sell practically everything, they gift wrap and deliver, sometimes the next day. Continue reading “3 Tips For A Less Stressed Christmas”

Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time


It is that time of year again. Actually, I’m already a little late because the Christmas movies have already started.

My criteria?

My ranking is based 1/3 on each movie’s strength against similar Christmas movies in the same time slot, 1/3 on a computer ranking generated through a secret algorithm and 1/3 on the NCAA coach’s poll.

So, here it is: my top ten (10) Christmas movies of all time.

1.    A Christmas Carol (1951)

Dickens was one of the greatest writers of all time, and in my book this is the best Christmas movie of all time.  It’s a story of repentance and redemption.  Best line:  Scrooge to Cratchit:  “I suppose you’ll be wanting the whole day off for Christmas!”  I try this line on my employees every year.  It’s always good for some nervous laughter. Continue reading “Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time”